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 I had the pleasure of meeting Ed when I was in total crisis. I selected him because of his expertise in an area I believed would benefit my spouse. I did not expect that it would be me who benefitted so greatly. I have been exposed to many therapists with my family issues over the years, and Ed’s talent is a clear measure above. His techniques facilitated my ability to draw out of my own mind some psychological and emotional triggers of which I was unaware, yet were affecting my self-perception and relationships greatly. In a few short months, Ed took me from feeling so ill I couldn’t eat or sleep, to feeling balanced, emotionally healthy and extremely secure. I have asked my daughter to see Ed now, and find myself referring him to friends and colleagues who need help with life stressors. He was very much a blessing to me. 

 I highly recommend Ed Thompson. Having dealt with depression for a good part of my life, I have seen my share of counselors. But I have to admit, that I have never met a more competent and yet at the same time more approachable therapist than Ed. He is very much at ease with himself and never seems to be put off balance. He has catchy phrases that make you think and stick with you. He is the first therapist that managed to pull me out of my depression cycle, in that he showed me that most depression is anger swallowed up and turned inward. Since I found out what I am so angry about and have reacted with some life changes, I am able to control my depression without meds. Thank you Ed! And yet the best part of his services is that he will meet you where ever it is convenient for you. I consider him very safe and would trust my daughters to have him counsel them in a one on one session; and that is something I wouldn’t normally do without a background check and a cop in front of the door. That said, thumbs up for Ed!  

 I found Ed Thompson doing a search on the internet. I had lost my job and it had been almost a year without any success finding something new. The stress of being out of work was affecting my relationship with my wife and my kids. I knew I needed to talk to someone. Ed quickly assessed my stress points and worked with me to overcome them. He also knew when his therapy alone wasn’t enough for me and that I was at risk of falling into a deep depression if I didn’t augment my therapy with medication. The combination of meeting with Ed and medication allowed me to see that my life wasn’t as awful as I thought and that there is hope in every change. I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life since meeting with Ed, and I know if I need him again he will be there.
One Grateful Client

I have really appreciated the quick responses and the fact that Mr. Thompson travels and goes into the home instead of having to go to an office. My son had no way of commuting to an office and I was frantic to find a good therapist that could go to him, this worked out very well. Not only did Mr. Thompson go to the home, he also was able to connect with my son in a way that no other therapist in the past was able to do. Mr. Thompson has been a blessing to my family.  

I can’t say enough about the services provided by Ed Thompson. My family and I have worked with Ed on and off for several years when we felt we needed someone to talk with to help us with balance in our lives. Numerous members of my family have received therapy from Ed on an individual, couples and group basis. Ed is very professional, understanding and experienced and is a pleasure to work with. His style of holding the therapy at your location is very convenient and comforting. If you are looking for an individual, couples or family counselor I highly recommend Ed Thompson. 

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